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I’ve been creating content online for almost six years now, and have reached a point where the biggest thing holding me back from creating better content is revenue.

And so, I want to ask you to help me make my dream of creating content on a daily basis a reality. I’m not looking to build out a massive studio or invest in fancy cars, instead I want to produce content at a higher quality while supporting myself financially in college and beyond along with giving back to other creators.

Please consider becoming a patron, and help me live my dream. Thank you!


Personal Update: March 2017

Long time no see, blog! I promise that I haven’t forgotten about this domain. In fact, this is a big part of today’s announcement: daily content will flow from me to the Interwebs. Here’s the schedule of what to expect:

  • Monday & Friday: New posts right here on this humble abode (told you, I haven’t forgotten about it)
  • Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday: New videos on YouTube
  • Wednesday: New post on Workaholic
  • Sunday: This Week on GameChops, recapping the top geeky tunes of the week on GameSentral

This change is being made to help me do more for you. 2017 is the year of transparency, and part of that is sharing more content with you, so expect to hear more from this keyboard every single day.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on YouTube tomorrow.

2017: The Year of Transparency

2017 looks to be a big year for me on several fronts. While the Paw Print Media family of sites is growing substantially on all fronts, I want to focus attention to both this site and on YouTube/Instagram.

This year is the year of transparency and that is going to play a significant role into all three of the aforementioned platforms. Relatively long-form posts like Christmastime Sadness where I can just freely express my thoughts are going to become the norm here on this site. I’m not going to promise any sort of consistency immediately but I am aiming to have a new post once a week right here.

I’ve been eyeing YouTube to grow for a while now. My personal account was set up over 10 years ago, and while this is only my second full year of running the revamped Andrew Okwuosah channel I’ve been looking to grow the channel’s audience substantially. Here’s how I plan to do it.

The channel was initially built on delivering short, digestable highlights as I play games. While I’ll definitely still be doing that for games like Rocket League and Madden, this format will be modified somewhat for new games on the channel like NBA 2K17. For that game, I’ll be providing a semi-weekly highlight reel featuring the best moments of my slightly taller alter ego in his quest to dominate the association. Paw Print Media’s YouTube content will also be expanded in the New Year, with a focus on creating easily digestable content.

Of course, series like On the Road will continue in full force like they have been supplemented with coverage on Instagram Stories. The goal here is to share moments with intimacy and immediacy. Consider this as a behind-the-scenes look at the story behind the montage.

I will also be rolling over my goals from last year, since I clearly failed miserably at those.

Let the year of transparency begin.


Recapping 2016

To say 2016 was a bit of a downer is an absolute understatement. I won’t go into depth on what I’m sure has been in the back of most of our minds over the last few weeks.

Not to brag, but 2016 was a yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggeeeeeee year for me personally. Paw Print Media had a record-breaking year on all fronts with record viewership on both Paw Print and GameSentral. YouTube was pretty solid as well.

Unfortunately, I fell flat on both of my goals for the year. I read a grand total of six books throughout the year and posted a total of  314 posts this year.

Thanks so much for the support this year, and on to the next one.

2016: The Year of Refinement

2016 is here, and with that comes the traditional rush of New Year’s Resolutions: ways to improve in all aspects in their lives to prosper and make this “their” year.

Like most others, I too have resolutions for the new year. Welcome to the Year of Refinement.

Process Refinement

In 2015, I probably worked more than I ever have before. From school to journalism to producing videos on YouTube, 2015 was a big year for me, but I want 2016 to be a time where I focus on refining my process for producing content to be more efficient and have more time to relax and do activities like watching TV/movies and playing video games.


2015 was a big year over on Paw Print Media, with GameSentral having its biggest year yet and the launch of AutoSentral.

In 2016, I want to focus on continuing to grow AutoSentral and the rest of Paw Print Media’s sites, along with posting more often (I really slacked off throughout the second half of the year as school became a priority.)

Meanwhile, I’m going to retool this site. For one, I am cancelling both Photobomb and Awesomeness. These series will live on over on my Twitter and Instagram feeds respectively, but it won’t be on a predetermined schedule. This site will be a place where I vent and write long-form personal content on a weekly basis. For me, this allows for a site that’s more open and flexible rather than confined to the series that began to blossom here.


Here are some of my goals for 2016. Expect full recaps on these towards the end of the year.

  • Read 25 books.
  • Write at least 500 blog posts.

Alright, now let the year of refinement begin!